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“Yes.”. I hate it when she puts on an act and stumbles me, not once or twice. Mu Min said a little aggrieved, “I hate her most like today, with those stupid people around me, showing how tolerant she is, gentle and kind, and how unreasonable I am.” “If that’s the case, you can face her in other ways without falling into reality.” Mu Min now simply leads the small turnip to be the bosom friend, has a bellyful of bitterness to want to pour with him. It’s no use. You think I haven’t tried? Du Mingxiu is insidious and cunning! Anyway, every time I argue with her, I must suffer losses. Who let her look like a little white flower? My father and my uncle are all on her side. Who else can I expect to help me? As he spoke, there was a faint flash in Mu Min’s eyes, but it was only fleeting, and soon it changed into an angry look. In the final analysis, you just didn’t deal with her ruthlessly. If you really want to do something to her, she doesn’t have much chance of winning. Despite the brief contact, I can see that she is a clever person. A really smart person will do things without leaving traces, and will not be so obvious. Mu Min loves to hear this. She sighed and didn’t say why. The real reason was that she knew that her father did not want to go back to the valley at all, but only wanted to accompany her mother on the snow mountain. She can’t mess with him. Dad’s loss of his beloved has been very tragic, and he has to fight for his own survival. If it is someone else,aluminium laminated tube, of course, she will not be soft, but this is her people, Du Mingxiu or her family relatives, do not let the father embarrassed. As the little turnip said, that Du Mingxiu’s small means, are smart,eye cream packaging tube, simply do not have the courage to make any big moves, so she let her go, but think of it is always uncomfortable. I don’t know why she didn’t want to say these words to Radish. And the greatest advantage of the little radish is that the topic follows her, and she never asks questions. Qin Zhao, do you think there is any way for me to let Du Mingxiu eat when I see her next time? She and I belong to the kind of people who hate each other, but I am honest and she is hypocritical. But no matter how much hatred there is, there is none. For example, I was disgusted by her today, not once or twice. Anyway, she just doesn’t want Du Mingxiu to always be so arrogant. Small turnip is not in a hurry tunnel: “I teach you one action, can use a lot of occasions.”. No matter what she says, you just look into her eyes, and you can’t avoid them, and then you ask her with a smile, custom cosmetic packaging ,empty cosmetic tubes, ‘Is it?’? Remember, there are no superfluous expressions and movements, just do as I say. Mu Min thought about the situation and said hesitantly, “All right?” “You try it now.” “Try?”? She’s not here. “You practice on me.” Said the little radish. That’s good Mu Min readily agreed. However, when she looked at the deep eyes of the radish like a black whirlpool for a moment, she felt that her eyes could not be pulled out. It’s so beautiful! “Say it.” The radish opens its mouth. Mu Min did not react: “What did you say?” The radish sighed. “Really?” Mu Min didn’t think about it. “Yes.” In the face of beauty, whatever he says is right. Radish some helpless, “the next time you see her or hide away, at least you should run fast.” Mu Min snorted, “That’s not true.”. They are good at everything, and everything can be on my head. Her medical skills are better than mine! That’s what you think. You’re much better than her, at least in terms of openness. Said the little radish. That’s natural. Mu Min held out his chest, then felt pain behind him, and immediately grinned his teeth. Go back to the wound first. After going back, the little turnip asked Mu Min who to ask for help, and the latter said that he could do it himself. The little turnip went out in silence. When Mu Min was lying on the bed with his neck tilted and his head turned to look at the wound behind him, he suddenly heard the voice of the radish outside: “This way, please.” Who did he invite? Next door, Aunt Wen’s voice rang out: “Well, well, Qin Zhao, you are really a good and considerate child.” The voice fell and the door was knocked. I asked Aunt Wen to help you. Now I’m going to boil hot water. Call me if you have something to do. I won’t go in without calling me. He is always like this, everything is done thoughtfully, and will let people know clearly, not let people guess. “Who told you to hire someone?” When Mu Min complained, he laughed on the pillow. “Oh, Aunt Wen, come and show me. My buttocks are so painful.” “Are you embarrassed to hurt me, child?” Aunt Wen complained and came in to help her clean the wound and apply the medicine. Minmin, “Aunt Wen looked outside and lowered her voice.” Did your father agree with you and Qin Zhao? If he doesn’t agree, you can ask the aunt to speak for you. Mu Min:.. Not yet. I don’t know what Qin Zhao did to bribe Aunt Wen, hum! But on second thought, she laughed at herself. Even if bribed, also is for his own cheap, certainly will not be for her. She did not forget that he was forced to stay here by himself! “This is a good boy, and it is transparent here.” Aunt Wen compares the position of the heart. Uh? How do you say that? “Anyway, you can see that the aunt has eaten salt for so many years, not for free.” The little turnip sent Aunt Wen out. Mu Min leaned over the pillow and looked at him with his head tilted. “Qin Zhao, why are you looking for Aunt Wen instead of someone else?” Chapter 1657 Xiao Ke and Mu Min (12). “Be close.” The little radish said lightly. Lying Mu Min saw blood for a while. “Aunt Wen is not the closest to us. There are so many people in the neighborhood!”! Speaking of closeness, I thought you would protect my third aunt. “It’s just a trivial matter,” said the little turnip. “I didn’t think too much about it. Aunt Wen has delivered steamed stuffed buns twice. I think you are close to her. As for the third aunt in your mouth, I haven’t seen her, and I guess you don’t have a good relationship, so I won’t go to her. Mu Min had a look of shock in her eyes, and then turned into a denial of Sanlian: “No,cosmetic tube packaging, don’t talk nonsense. I don’t have a bad relationship with her.” “There are no outsiders here.” The little turnip said, “I have a good ear, so I don’t notice someone approaching.” 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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