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Although the maid promised a “yes”, because of the strange situation in the vestibule and the unclear purpose of the mission, the course of the incident was very boring from beginning to end, so she did not stand or sit, but giggled. The master wanted to fight a big war and give full play to his ability to get angry. At this critical moment, of course, their servants should share a bitter hatred of the enemy. But not only did she not take it seriously, but she giggled as she listened to orders, which made the master more and more unable to contain, and could she not be attacked by fire? “Didn’t I tell you, anyone will do, call one!”! Don’t you understand? Whether he is the principal, the secretary, or the chief teacher. “Mr. Principal.” The maid only knows the headmaster. Didn’t I tell you? It doesn’t matter if he’s the principal, the secretary, or the chief teacher! Don’t you understand? “If no one is here, can you call a handyman?” “Nonsense!”! What does the handyman know? At this point, the maid understood that the arrow was on the string and had to send it, so she answered and set off. However, the purpose of the mission is still unclear. He was so worried that he could only call a handyman, but unexpectedly, the teacher who had just talked about ethics came from the front door. The host only waited for him to sit down safely and immediately began to negotiate. Just now this boy dared to enter our house without permission. What use is “loyal minister list” the ancient way in the opera, the quantity also slightly takes sarcastically the end to say: “Is indeed your school’s student? Without fear,deep draw stamping, the ethics teacher calmly glanced at the warriors standing in front of the court, then aimed his eyes at the master as usual, and made the following reply. Yes, they are all open school students. We always teach students not to do this, but they are always disobedient. Why did you jump over the wall? After all, students are students. They did not say a word to the ethics teacher, no one spoke, and they all crowded in the corner of the courtyard,titanium machining parts, just like sheep caught in a heavy snow. The host said, “The ball flew in.”. It’s inevitable! Since it is adjacent to the school, there must be balls flying into the yard from time to time! However They are too fierce. Even if you climb over the wall, don’t make a sound and pick up the ball secretly, you can forgive it. “What you said is very true.”. Despite repeated admonitions from our school, there are many people with mixed hands. We must pay attention to it in the future. If the ball flies into the yard, you must go in through the front door, say hello and pick it up. Did you hear that? The school is too big, always let people worry too much, no way. However, sports are a necessary course in education, and it is not easy to prohibit them. But as soon as it was allowed, it caused trouble. Please forgive me for this in any case. On the other hand, in the future, we must enter the courtyard from the main entrance, say hello and pick up the ball again. “Well, Stainless steel foundry ,DIN screw plug, since it’s so reasonable, it’s easy to say.”. No matter how many shots come in, as long as you come in through the front door and give a notice, it’s nothing. Then, give this student to you and ask you to take him back! Oh, thank you, I’m sorry! As usual, the host apologized, and as usual, the words were anticlimactic. The ethics teacher returned to the Fallen Clouds Hall from the main gate with the heroes of Danbo. The so-called “big event” in our family has come to an end. If you laugh, “What kind of big deal is this?” Then let you laugh. At best, it’s not their big event. But our family is narrating the master’s big event, not their big event. If someone reviles the host as “anticlimactic” and “spent force”, we advise him not to forget that this is the characteristic of the host, and not to forget that the reason why the host has become the subject of comic novels is also embodied in these characteristics. It would be foolish to criticize the master for competing with a child of 14 or 15 years old, which our family agrees with. Omachi Katsuki once grabbed his master and said, “Haven’t you got rid of your childishness yet?” Our family has finished writing the small storm, and now we have finished writing the big event. I would like to describe the aftermath of the big event as the end of the whole article. Some readers may think that everything written by our family is loose talk! However, our family is by no means a frivolous cat. Between the lines, there is a great philosophy of the universe, which is needless to say. The words and sentences are in good order, echoing from beginning to end, reflecting from front to back, and the readers who think they are gossip and browse casually feel that they have suddenly changed into classics that are not easy to read.
It is said that whenever Liu Zongyuan reads Han Yu’s articles, he even soaks his hands in water with roses first. Hopefully, then, readers will at least be able to buy a magazine out of their own pockets for our articles, and never do that kind of unruly thing-make do with it and borrow a friend’s book to read. In the following, we call it “aftermath”. If someone thinks that “since it is the aftermath, it is naturally boring and there is no need to read it”, he will certainly regret it. It must be read carefully from beginning to end. On the second day of the big event, our family wanted to take a walk, so we came outside the door. Boss Kaneda and Mr. Suzuki Fujijuro were standing and talking in the opposite corner of the alley. Kaneda boss is driving home, Mr. Suzuki visited Kaneda did not meet, is on the way home, so, two people meet. Jin Tian’s house has been uneventful recently, so we seldom pass by it. But as soon as I saw an acquaintance just now, I felt a little nostalgic. Mr. Suzuki has also been away for a long time, so you might as well follow him secretly and pay a visit to him. Our family had made up their minds, so they slowly approached Ergong’s standing side, and their conversation naturally spread into our family’s ears. It’s not our family’s fault, it’s that they don’t talk well. Boss Kaneda was a “man of conscience” and even sent spies to spy on his master’s movements. So, our family accidentally eavesdropped on his conversation, and we don’t expect him to get angry? If he gets angry, it only means that he does not understand the meaning of the word “fairness”. Anyway, our family listened to you two talking. I don’t want to listen to it. I didn’t want to hear it at all, but the sound of conversation naturally got into our ears. I went to your house just now. What a coincidence! Mr. Fujijuro bowed respectfully. Well, is it! To tell you the truth, I want to see you recently. Good for you! “Eh?”? What a coincidence. What can I do for you? No,die casting parts, it’s no big deal. But it’s all right, but it can’t be done unless you. As long as I can, I will do everything I can! What’s the matter? “Well..” This Boss Kaneda is thinking. autoparts-dx.com

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