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The two old Taoist priests guarding the entrance of the cave are the younger brothers of “Zichu Zhenren”. One is the “Iron Sword Zhenren” among the twelve swordsmen, and the other is the “Thunderbolt Hand” and “Chikongzi Zhenren.” Both of them are first-class masters in the contemporary era. “Zixu Cave” is not far from “Zhennan Palace”. These two old Quanzhen, who bear heavy responsibilities, are so smart that they have faintly heard the sound of shouting and killing from the palace, so they are even more anxious! “Tiejian Zhenren” is deep and steady, still able to control itself and remain unmoved. But the “Thunderbolt Hand” Chikongzi, like his name, has been unable to endure. Just then, a disciple ran to the front of the cave in a panic and shouted, “Report to the two Martial Uncles. A young man who calls himself the White Ape Scholar has come to the palace. He wants to see the Master. The Third Martial Uncle can’t stop it. He has started fighting with him. This man’s martial arts are very strong. When he makes a move, he..” Just.. “What’s the matter?” Chikongzi asked hurriedly. “Just..” I killed two brothers! “Ah!”! There is such a thing! Said Chikongzi, suddenly leaping up and going to see what was going on. “Iron Sword Real Man,” he said hurriedly, “Second Younger Martial Brother, don’t be impatient. Elder Martial Brother Headmaster and Martial Nephew are in a tight situation. Suddenly someone comes to make trouble in the palace. Maybe it’s intentional? I think even if someone is strong in martial arts, there are three brothers and hundreds of disciples over there, which is enough to deal with. Why.. “Iron Sword Real Man” was suddenly stopped by a burst of shouts at this point. He stopped a little and wanted to speak again. But he saw Feng Zhenwu, the Third Younger Martial Brother, chasing a young man in white with a sword. He was rushing to the front of the cave, followed by more than a dozen disciples of the next generation of masters. In front of the cave, the young man in white turned around and wielded a strange swordsmanship, forcing Feng Zhenwu, the “outgoing dragon,” to retreat. Then he pointed his sword at the two old Taoist priests in front of the cave door and said,impact beam tubes, “Tell you Zixu Niubi to come out and answer me!” The voice was loud and loud, and the echoes in the valley were so loud that they seemed to be intended to be heard by the “Zixu Zhenren” in the cave. “Iron Sword Real Man” still sat still. He only opened his eyes slightly. He looked at the man with a cold look and said, “The head of our school has something to do with him. If you have anything, please tell me. It’s the same.” The young man in white suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. He said proudly, “Just because you are an immortal bull nose, who is three points like a man and seven points like an old ghost, you deserve to talk to me, the white ape scholar?” The original “Iron Sword Real Man”, thin face,side impact beams, dry as firewood, straight as a person who is about to be born! Although the young man in white spoke rudely and arrogantly, he still failed to offend the “Iron Sword Real Man”. Bark! That boy, dare to run wild in front of Master Dao! The “Thunderbolt Hand” Chi Kongzi was already furious, and before the “Iron Sword Real Man” could speak again, he had already split a palm from himself. A sharp roar of wind, straight like a river pouring down to hit the boy in white! The White Ape Scholar was stunned. He hurriedly jumped aside to avoid the sharp edge. But he shouted in a loud voice, “Zixu, old ox nose, how can you be like a tortoise, shrinking in the hole and not daring to stand out?” “Thunderbolt hand” that let him drink to scold again go down, body form one twist, it is to whir two palm clap out again. Out of Yunlong, “Feng Zhenwu and more than ten disciples heard that the master had been humiliated.” Is it tolerable? Is it intolerable? ” With a roar, the group joined hands to attack the White Ape Show. Thus, outside the “Zixu Cave”, a fierce struggle was launched. Shout to kill, stainless steel tube 304 ,stainless steel 304 pipes, roar, palm wind sword shadow, suddenly stirred into one, is really earth-shaking! Kongtongliu is under the leadership of “Thunderbolt Hand” and “Chuyunlong”. Although there are many people, the opponent’s hand is a magic weapon with a handle that blows hair and breaks hair. It is an ordinary sword. When it comes to making a decision, it is natural to have some scruples under the circumstances. What’s more, the young man in white sent out a strange move, which was unpredictable, and the sword was like a rainbow. More than a dozen masters fought together, but they still failed to control it immediately. In the crisscross of shadows, the wind of the “thunderclap hand” is also greatly limited, and its power can not be brought into full play, which also makes the young man in white take advantage of it. Suddenly, I saw a figure jumping out of the “Zixu Cave.” Sweating profusely, he panicked at the “Iron Sword Real Man” sitting beside the cave. He was tongue-tied and said, “It’s not good! Martial Uncle, Master, he.. “Iron sword real person” suddenly look big change, Huo’s jump, to the cave. The young man in white seemed to have seen this situation in his eyes. He made some strange moves and forced his opponent to retreat slightly. With a long roar, he jumped out of the ring, started his flying skills, and galloped in front of the “Zhennan Palace”. Fanatic, where to escape? Chi Kongzi gave a loud shout and ran after him like electricity. The two men fought one after another, and in an instant they came to a precipice. The terrain here, Chikongzi is like the palm of his hand, see the young man in white, has since set foot on the desperate situation, the heart secretly pleased, step up, a flash to catch up. Just then, he saw the young man in white making a long roar and concentrating slightly under the cutting wall. His feet left the ground and he crashed into the valley. But at the moment when his feet were off the ground, the “thunderclap hand” Chikongzi, who had already gathered ten percent of his strength, suddenly clapped out with one hand. Just listen to a muffled hum, everything tends to be silent. Chikongzi did not look at it, so he turned to “Zixu Cave” and strode back. ※※ ※※ ※※ On Guanluo Road. Yellow dust rolling, about more than thirty horses of the western regions, from the west to the east flow like a gallop… The people on the horse are all in the same color of strength, and each of them is equipped with a weapon. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that they are all heroes in Jianghu and strong in Wulin. The sub-rudders of the Snow Mountain Sect, which had extended into the interior, were also mobilized. Some sent experts to join the cavalry, and some held banquets to greet them. Naturally, it was Song Dadu, the “Xuanyin Swordsman”, the leader of the Snow Mountain Sect, who led his subordinates into the Northeast. Snow Mountain sent the move, has done the elite, inside and outside the three hall Lord of the eight Jinyi Jianwei, there are Gaolan, Changan two points of the rudder of incense Lord, the rest are all first-class experts in the school, the line-ups is vast and powerful. On the Wulin Road in the Central Plains, I had already received a tip-off that the Snow Mountain Sect had entered the customs on a large scale. Since it was the master who came out in person,beam impact tubes, it was naturally unusual! However, most of the people in Jianghu can be judged, which must be related to the “Purple Jade Beaver” that caused a sensation in Wulin. cbiesautomotive.com

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