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Trinket had seen Geldan in the Shaolin Temple. He was proud and insolent. He had ordered his subordinates to give him a golden dart. If he hadn’t had a precious coat to protect himself, he would have died under the dart. He thought that his emissary was not a good man. Seeing that he was about fifty years old, with a pale yellow beard under his chin and his eyes twinkling, he was obviously quite cunning. ‘Take Him to see Brother Yang, ‘said Trinket. Ma Yanchao agreed and pushed him to the next room. Only to hear a loud cry, the voice is full of fear, naturally after seeing Yang Yizhi’s appearance scared out of his wits. Ma Yanchao brought him back, but saw that his face was bloodless and his body was trembling constantly. ‘Did You see that man just now? ‘Said Trinket. Han Tiemo nodded. “I wanted to ask the man,” said Trinket, “and he told me a few lies. I always have a rule. If someone tells me a lie, I will cut off one of his legs. If he tells two lies, I will cut off two legs. How many lies did this person tell? “I said seven sentences,” said Ma Yanchao. “Well,” said Trinket, shaking his head, “this man has lied so much that he has lost his hands, his eyes and his tongue.” He pulled out the dagger, bent over, and cut off the leg of a wooden stool. He played with it in his hand and said with a smile, “My knife cuts people’s hands and legs. It’s not sloppy at all. Would you like to try it?” Han Tiemo was originally a Mongolian warrior,drum spill containment, but when he saw Yang Yizhi’s tragic situation, he was scared out of his wits and stammered, “My Lord..” What do adults want to ask, little.. Small.. I dare not hide half a sentence. Conceal. “Very good,” said Trinket. Prince Pingxi wants me to ask you whether what you said to Wang Ye is true or false. What are the empty words? “Your Excellency is wise,” said Han Tiemo. “The little one.. How dare the little one deceive Wang Ye? It is true that there are no empty words. Trinket shook his head and said, “I don’t believe it. He says you Mongolians are very cunning. What you say often doesn’t count. You love to repudiate.” “We are the descendants of Genghis Khan, and we always say that one is one and two is two..” said Han Tiemo with a proud and angry look on his face. Trinket nodded. ‘Yes,plastic pallet manufacturer, three is three, and four is four. Han Tie-mo was startled. Although he spoke Chinese very fluently, he knew only a little about all kinds of local idioms. He did not know that Trinket’s two sentences were garrulous jokes. He only said that he meant something else and could not answer for a moment. Trinket’s face sank. “Do you know who I am?” He asked. “I don’t know, little one,” said Han Tiemo. ‘Guess What, ‘said Trinket. Han Tie-mo saw that the Anfu Garden was magnificent, and that he himself had been brought with him by the Prince of Pingxi. He saw that Trinket was young, but he was wearing a military officer’s uniform, a yellow Mandarin jacket, a ruby top on his head, and sparrow feathers in his eyes. He was a dignitary in the court, and he was given a yellow Mandarin jacket, which was a special honor. Han Tiemo’s mind was very flexible. He thought, “You are so young that you can be such a high official. Naturally, euro plastic pallet ,wholesale plastic pallet, you depend on your blessing.”. In the city of Kunming, apart from Prince Pingxi, who can have such a momentum? King Pingxi’s followers are so respectful to you again. Yes, it must be so. Then he said respectfully, “The little one has no eyes. It turns out that your excellency is the little son of the King of Pingxi.” He had seen Wu Yingxiong, and seeing that Wei Xiaobao’s clothes were similar to Wu Yingxiong’s, he guessed the way to go. Stunned, Trinket scolded, “What the hell are you talking about?” “You say I’m the son of a big traitor and an old turtle,” said the heart. “Don’t I become a little traitor and a little turtle?” Then he laughed and said, “You are really clever. No wonder Prince Gerdan sent you to do such a big thing.”. You princes have a good friendship with me. After talking about Gerdan’s appearance and clothes, he added, “That’s me talking about martial arts with your prince. He really made these moves.” So he made a few gestures of the moves that Gerdan had made in the Shaolin Temple. Han Tiemo was overjoyed. He immediately paid his respects and said, “The little prince and my prince are close friends. We used to be a family.” “How is your prince?” Said Trinket? Has he been with the Changqi Lama recently? Han Tie-mo said, “The carving of the Changqi Lama is now a guest in our royal stratagem.” Trinket nodded and said, ‘That’s it. “He asked,” There is a Han girl named Aqi who loves to wear blue dresses. Is she also in your palace? ” Han Tie-mo opened his eyes wide, his face full of surprise and joy, and said, “So..” It turns out that Little Wang Ye Lian. This matter is also known, and sure enough. Sure enough.. “Great.” Trinket made a casual guess, but he was right. He was very proud of himself. He burst out laughing and said, “Your prince doesn’t hide anything from me. Miss Aki is your prince’s lover. His sister, Miss Ake, is my lover.”. Aren’t we a family? Ha ha, ha ha! The two of them laughed at each other, and there was no estrangement. “Father has sent me to ask you whether what you said to Father was sincere and whether there was no other plot,” said Trinket. “Little prince,” said Han Tiemo, “how can you be suspicious of such a friendship with my prince?” “My father says,” said Trinket, “if a man tells a lie, there is always a difference between the first time and the second time. This matter is so important that if you are not careful, everyone will be in a mess, so I want you to tell me again from the beginning to the end, and see if there is anything wrong with the two words. It’s not that I don’t trust the prince of your family, but it’s my first meeting with you. I don’t understand your personality, so I have to interrogate you carefully. Don’t blame me for offending you. “That’s as it should be,” said Han Tiemo. If this matter is leaked, it will be fatal immediately. It is reasonable for the king of Pingxi to do things carefully. Ask the little prince to report back to Wang Ye. After we go home and form an alliance, we will send troops together and divide the world into four parts. In the original Jiangshan, Wang Yeh must be the only one, and the other three families will never be jealous and change their minds. Trinket was astonished. “Four parts of the world,” he said! But I don’t know which four? But if I ask him, it seems that I know nothing about it,wholesale plastic pallet, and I can’t help revealing it. “I have discussed this matter with your prince several times,” he said with a smile. It’s just that after things are done, how to divide the world and talk about it is always impossible to reach an agreement. What did your prince say this time? 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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